Spacecab constructed a 180m2 timberframed building that is comparable to a conventional block structure. This was designed to match the existing building façade and is a permanent structure.

The mechanical and electrical was linked to main building tying the 2 buildings together.

This site was a grassed sloping area which was then excavated and a concrete floor poured as you would with any conventional structure – however that’s where the similarities stop. The walls and roof were prefabricated off site and the building was erected in a 10 week period.

The walls were manufactured using a timber-framed system, clad using a Greenspan Aquapanel board and rendered with an acrylic plaster that can be matched to any Ral colour.

The roof was a conventional truss system and fitted with Nordmans profile roof cladding to give the roof a tiled look to match the existing school buildings

The classrooms interior was colour co-ordinated to match the main schools building.

The building was up well within the time allotted and even though it was constructed during the school term, there was little or no disruption to the smooth operation to the school itself.

We are delighted with this building. It was cost effective and we have had no issues whatsoever in the intervening 4 years, I can highly recommend Spacecab.


Strawberry Hill School Photo Gallery