The modular building design system combines the most modern techniques with the most advanced materials. This system uses individual galvanised steel units to rapidly construct buildings of multiple storeys and of unlimited internal space which can be tailor made to suit any purpose.
Although the principle is very simple, the modular system creates highly sophisticated structures with the durability to withstand the most rigorous demands. The core strength of the steel framed building is adaptability. Units are available in a wide range of sizes and can be linked side by side or end to end. Thus, whether it be a multi department office, new school, single classroom, créche or medical centre this building system can serve any purpose.
A key advantage this system possesses over concrete structures is cost. Steel framed complex buildings can offer a cost saving in excess of 50% compared to conventional construction methods. The secret of these savings lies in this production systems ability to achieve economies of scale.
Because of Spacecab’s continuing research and development our steel framed modular building system is state of the art and in keeping with modern developments within the industry. These buildings have non load bearing walls and can be easily double or treble stacked.
Colour coded Modular Unit
Colour-coded Modular Unit
Colour-coded Modular Building
Internal Finishes
There are a number of various internal finishes available. The standard interior is either painted plasterboard or vinyl faced plasterboard. The other option is a white steel interior which is maintenance free. For the catering sector we can also provide a “food safe” interior.
Additional features for the cabins include door grills, window grills, links, vertical blinds, data points, heaters.